YouTube enters Bigscreen with all major features 16

YouTube enters Bigscreen with all major features

The Bigscreen app is available as a free download on various VR platforms

YouTube is replacing TV channels and movie theaters for many people. Thanks to the foresight of Alphabet managers, the video service application managed to take a strong position on virtual reality glasses. But neither Google nor Meta on their glasses do not implement multiplayer for it, an obvious opportunity to bring viewing in VR closer to the usual scenario behind one TV. The developers of the Bigscreen application decided not to miss this opportunity .

Bigscreen, a virtual reality meeting platform, has been supported by YouTube in its Quest and PC versions. You can use all the video hosting features, including logging into your YouTube Premium account, watching YouTube TV, and renting movies. Spectators can be up to 15 people in one room. For PC glasses owners, the feature allows you to opt out of desktop mirroring, because YouTube is now built into the application, like all other media channels.

Co-viewing is only available in flat format. Neither the developers of Bigscreen nor the authors of YouTube VR have yet been able to solve the problem of multi-user panoramas.

Previous updates have added improved spatial audio, new environments, and improved PC screen sharing (Quest users can cast their PC to a virtual room). And in the next few months, Bigscreen will please with a big update with a new friends system, support for Bluetooth keyboards and gamepads for remote desktop, and other interesting things.

The Bigscreen app is available as a free download on various VR platforms, including SteamVR and Quest, but it won’t make it to PS VR. The developers said that the optimization for the Quest laid the groundwork for a PlayStation port in the future, without setting a timeline.