Will Smith's slap has become a meme among Dota 2 fans 16

Will Smith’s slap has become a meme among Dota 2 fans

A Dota 2 player came up with the slap meme that actor Will Smith gave to comedian Chris Rock during the 94th Academy Awards. With a similar scene, the gamer played up the situation when the support prevents his carry from last hitting the creeps in the lane. 

The author of the meme published an image on reddit – at the time of publication of the material, the topic scored more than 4.4 thousand ratings.

"Keep your Illuminate away from my creeps"
“Keep your Illuminate away from my creeps”

Based on the situation with Smith and Rock, other memes were made. For example, about Pudge, who misses with a hook.

Pudge: just misses the hook Team:
Pudge: just misses the hook

Similar creativity was noted by fans of Valorant and Apex Legends.

Earlier at the 2022 Oscars, actor Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock for making a crude joke about Smith’s wife. Judging by the reaction of the audience in the hall, this was not a performance, and for many of them such an act came as a shock. 

The organizers of the event condemned the behavior of the actor and said they would start proceedings against him. Smith later apologized to the host, the Academy and other nominees. In turn, the comedian refused to file a statement against Smith, although the Los Angeles police contacted him immediately after the incident.