Why Apple should launch its services on Android 16

Why Apple should launch its services on Android

The functioning of the services should be extended to Android.

In recent years, Apple has increased its portfolio of services, but limits their work to its own platforms. Bloomberg columnist Mark Gurman believes that this is a questionable strategy, and the functioning of the services should be extended to Android.

“Only in Apple”

Recently, the “Apple Only” section appeared on the corporation’s website   . It lists online services Apple TV +, Apple Music, Fitness +, Arcade, iCloud and Podcasts. According to Gourmet, Apple specifically produces entertainment products only for apple technology.

The company’s management believes that the services motivate to buy iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch. Expanding access is supposed to reduce device sales: why spend on an iPad if you can watch exclusive TV + series on an Android tablet? But this logic does not always work.

What is already on Android

In 2015, the official Apple Music app was released for Android. Gourmet believes that without the audience of a competitor Apple Music would not be able to compete with Spotify. Google Play now has more than 50 million Apple Music installations, which is less than its Swedish counterpart (more than 1 billion), but the figure is still significant.

Other Apple apps on Google Play are strictly functional: to control Beats headphones, transfer data from Android to iOS, and  search for AirTag beacons nearby  .

Formally, Apple TV + and iCloud can be used on Android via a browser. But this method is not convenient: web applications take a long time to load and lack a number of features.

What to move

According to Gourmet, Apple should launch the following services on Android:

  • Apple TV +  – to compete with Netflix, Disney + and analogues. Apple understands this and has already launched the PlayStation, Xbox and even TVs with Android TV, but not on Android smartphones.
  • iCloud, Calendar, Mail, Reminders  – for those who own a Mac but also use an Android smartphone. For such people, Apple should simplify synchronization and discourage buying a PC running Windows or Chrome OS.
  • Apple Podcasts  is the most popular application for listening to podcasts, but it is not available on Android. With the launch of a competitor, Apple will be able to increase revenue from subscriptions.
  • Apple News  – Google has its own news program. Why won’t Apple launch its service and take away subscribers?

At the same time, Gourmet doubts that it makes sense to port Apple Maps to Android, because a similar Google service is better integrated into the system. And iMessage and FaceTime are  a deterrent to the transition from iOS to Android  .