Wholesale Furs

Bidmyth and Furilia offer the highest quality fur fashions, including fur jackets, coats, accessories and fur vests, at wholesale prices (to qualified buyers).


If you are a wholesaler of furs, please request our catalogue of wholesale fur options including luxurious fur coats and fur vests.

Our wholesale team will work with you to choose fur options for creating your own catalogue of garments. Special discounts apply to multiple and larger wholesale orders from Furilia with minimum wholesale order requirements. Access to wholesale choices is limited to registered fur resellers.

Contact us today to find out the requirements for our wholesale purchase program, and to find out what deals could help you get the best prices possible!

We cover ALL your Fur needs – We source the BEST furs on the planet – Furilia is a Fully Customer driven company – We GUARANTEE the highest ROI available in the fur market – We gather only the ULTIMATE for our loyal customers – Quality and Design create an unparalleled combo with our prices – Every fur is hand made and cared with love – We are flexible, an ideal partner for “strained” business owners – Constantly updated portfolios – An unlimited number of furs is at our disposal – We know your needs better than anyone else – We are next to you 24h/day – Save Time & Money on searching for the RIGHT offers – Your Fur Purchasing Dreams Come True. Fur has made it’s comeback to all catwalks. We are proud to wear fur. We are proud to sell the best furs at the best prices.

DISCLAIMER: Most pelts used in our fur coats are Farm Raised, legally purchased from Denmark (Kopenhagen Fur), Finland (SAGA Furs), USA (American Legend) or Canada (Nafa). Each valued Mink fur coat carries its own Origin Assured tag. For more information on legal standards please click on the OA image.

WHAT IS ORIGIN ASSURED? Developed voluntarily, the new Origin Assured™ (OA) label gives consumers confidence about the provenance of the fur they are buying. It is an assurance that the fur comes from a country where national or local regulations or standards governing fur production are in force. It is also a reflection of the fur trade‘s commitment to openness and honesty with their customers

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