“Typical fantasy fanfic”: users criticized “Rings of Power” – on Metacritic, the series has 2.2 points out of 10

"Typical fantasy fanfic": users criticized "Rings of Power" - on Metacritic, the series has 2.2 points out of 10 16

The first two episodes of The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power premiered on Amazon Prime Video on September 2. Along with this, aggregators have the opportunity to leave user reviews.

Judging by the first reviews, ordinary viewers did not like the first two episodes of “Rings of Power”. At the time of writing, the series has a 2.2 user rating on Metacritic based on over 400 reviews, and on Rotten Tomatoes the series has a 38% “fresh” rating based on over 1300 user ratings.

User ratings for Rings of Power continue to plummet.

"Typical fantasy fanfic": users criticized "Rings of Power" - on Metacritic, the series has 2.2 points out of 10 17

Judging by the reviews, the audience in the first place did not like the way the authors of the series decided to show the universe, invented by John R.R. Tolkien.

This is not Tolkien, this is not The Lord of the Rings. It’s intersectional feminism and cultural diversity being pushed through by force. Tolkien wanted his works to replace the lost myths and legends of the British Isles. He would roll over in his grave over this show. Amazon and everyone involved should be ashamed.

Miller13 , Metacritic user

The show disappoints me. It’s not like The Lord of the Rings. More like a typical fantasy fanfic with boring characters.

MRNXVR , Metacritic user

Some users also felt that the fantasy series is full of political statements that look out of place.

To be honest, I did not want to believe the haters, but the show is really bad. Very boring and full of political statements. Another woke show. Too bad, because the show could have been great. But I give “Rings of Power” a zero rating.

AverageJoe20 , Metacritic user

In their negative reviews, viewers often praise the picture and visual effects, but it seemed to many that, apart from the “beautiful wrapper”, the series had nothing more to offer.

It’s even worse than what I’ve seen in the trailers, don’t waste your time on this. The picture in the series is good, but it does not justify the valuable hours that you will spend watching this show.

Lucas L, Rotten Tomatoes user

The visuals are very good, but the story progresses very slowly. There are no interesting characters yet.

Anthony R, Rotten Tomatoes user

Typical fantasy. Very boring, soulless and in some places just cringe series. The creators do not think about the original author and source material, nor about the fans.

Adjutant R, Rotten Tomatoes user

Previously, reviews of the first two episodes from critics were released online. The opinions of the press were divided, but many still positively assessed the start of the show. For example, on Rotten Tomatoes it has 83% “freshness”.