The protagonist of "The Naked Gun" in the gloomy world of Detroit: Become Human 16

The protagonist of “The Naked Gun” in the gloomy world of Detroit: Become Human

Enthusiasts continue to create funny parody videos based on classic films and modern video games.

In a new video uploaded on a blogger ‘s YouTube channel, the main character of the film “The Naked Gun” Lieutenant Frank Drebin, played by comedian Leslie Nielsen, got into the world of the future from Detroit: Become Human and became an android. But even here he does not lose heart and is ready to demonstrate his detective skills. The lieutenant explores a new world for himself, conducts investigations, interrogates suspects, participates in the chase and shootout, doing it in his corporate style.

Recall that Detroit: Become Human is an adventure computer game with elements of interactive cinema and serious psychological overtones, where the player has to solve many moral dilemmas that can affect the ending of the game.