The EmbodyMe algorithm dresses and combs the interlocutors in Zoom 16

The EmbodyMe algorithm dresses and combs the interlocutors in Zoom

Japanese startup EmbodyMe has developed a deepfake app for business conferences and professionals who have switched to remote work. Using machine learning algorithms, the service virtually dresses the interlocutors in costumes and styles their hair. The technology works in real time and completely relieves its users of the need to prepare for calls – now you can talk via Zoom or Skype with EmbodyMe in pajamas and with disheveled hair.

According to Asia Nikkei, the EmbodyMe platform was developed in response to the pandemic and the massive transition to remote work. Founded in Tokyo in 2020, the company claims to help users look their best even when they just got out of bed. To do this, EmbodyMe customers simply need to download the startup’s application to their computer, add their “professional photos” – photographs of a person in a business suit – to their profile, and give algorithms access to a built-in or connected video camera.

AI from EmbodyMe processes the proposed images and generates a more advanced 3D model, completing the missing objects in the frame. Then, when the user launches Zoom, Skype, or Teams, the platform synchronizes the broadcast from the camera with pre-prepared photos – clothes appear on the interlocutors, their hair fits, and their skin becomes smoother.

The service tracks more than 50 thousand different points on the faces of users, accurately capturing emotions and the smallest changes in facial expressions. This set of algorithms is the main advantage of the system – it takes only 0.01 seconds for EmbodyMe to process images, “dress up” users and transfer facial animations. This means that for a person talking to a startup client, the video is broadcast with the same delay as a normal Zoom conversation.

“The strength of EmbodyMe lies in its unique ability to process and generate videos in full real-time,” explained Issai Yoshida, head of the startup.

The startup launched a beta version of its technology in September 2020, and recently organized the release of a full-fledged application. The basic EmbodyMe filter is free, but users can get more features — like recording snooze video messages — for $8 a month. 

In the future, the developer wants to move from private users to corporate clients – the EmbodyMe service plans to dress and comb entire companies during video conferences. The terms of the corporate subscription have not yet been disclosed.