The creators of Genshin Impact introduced the "urban action-RPG" Zenless Zone Zero 16

The creators of Genshin Impact introduced the “urban action-RPG” Zenless Zone Zero

The release will take place on PC, iOS and Android, and later on consoles

Developers from the Chinese studio miHoYo, as promised, on May 13 held a demonstration of their new project, which was called Zenless Zone Zero. The authors shared plot details, presented the debut trailer, and also published the first screenshots.

The gameplay of Zenless Zone Zero is a mixture of action-RPG and roguelike, with a “smooth” and “cinematic” combat system that will feature QTE elements.

The action of the game will unfold in a post-apocalyptic city of the future called New Eridu, which survived a global cataclysm, as a result of which monsters penetrated the world.

The main character will be “Proxy”, a specially trained mercenary who, together with groups of people, explores the supernatural places that have appeared as a result of the disaster, where there are valuable resources needed by the government of New Eridu.

Players will have to travel through the open world (alone or in the company of characters), fight enemies, and communicate with partners who have their own history.

The release date for Zenless Zone Zero is unknown. According to the authors, the game will first be released on PC, iOS and Android, and in the future it should be released on “other platforms”. Players can already pre-register on the official website of the future game.