Stock Service

How we work

We think for the customers and act professionally.
  • We trade mainly clothing and accessories in stock, in particular a total look for girls and young ladies.
  • Buy items of average level of recent manufacture, but we also evaluate other types of products.
  • Our distribution is organised with retail outlets in Greece, but we also work with European intermediaries exporting the product abroad.
  • We deal with stock, surplus production, undelivered orders, inventories, etc..
  • Negotiations are carried out at the headquarters of the seller and all the transport costs are borne by us.

PRODUCT QUALITY  CONTROL – All products are carefully checked.  When goods are prepared to be packed for shipment, they are closely monitored by a team in order to verify  the quality and integrity. Defected products are readily rejected and replaced.

EXPORT DOCUMENTS  – We issue all necessary documents to export,  respecting Customs requests: detailed invoice, packing list, export declaration, Washington declaration, products authenticity certificate, authorisation to re-sell the purchased products.

SHIPPING PROCEDURES – Products can be delivered only after they have been full paid.   Products are packed in carton boxes (standard measures cm 65 x 40 x 65) on which are applied the details of the shipment such as the recipient’s name, address and sender name. The cartons are sealed with a personalized ribbon with the name of the  sender company in order to avoid tampering during transport.

ACCEPTED PAYMENT : Bank transfer, Credit Card ( with Paypal)

AFTER SALE SERVICE: To each customer is assigned a person who will take care of every single process from purchase to delivery of the goods.

Trust us

A wide range of services

With over 10 years of experience, we specialise in the purchase of stock, overstock, end of line series, bankrupt inventories. If you want to know more about our services on the Greek market and abroad, fill out the form and we will contact you.

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