Samsung Electronics is integrating the NFT market into its smart TVs 16

Samsung Electronics is integrating the NFT market into its smart TVs

The process of buying irreplaceable tokens "will become easier than ever

Samsung, the world’s largest electronics maker, unveiled new smart TVs with an integrated NFT market. They also feature storage, digital art and an optimized on-screen display.

The new features are supported by the Neo QLED and QLED series smart TVs. NFT The application is based on the Nifty Gateway platform. The co-founders of the project, brothers Duncan and Griffin Foster, took part in the video presentation of Samsung’s new products.

They explained that with the new improvements, the process of buying irreplaceable tokens “will become easier than ever.” In addition, TV users will have access to works hosted by the trading platform. The devices support optimization and display of NFT images to match the screen size.

According to rumors, representatives of Nifty Getaway have clarified that it will be possible to pay for irreplaceable tokens via smart TVs using cryptocurrencies or a card. Once purchased, the coins can be stored in a wallet on a platform called Omnibus.

Recall that Samsung Electronics announced the integration of NFT technology in its new devices in early 2022. The company previously added its own crypto wallet to most TVs in the Galaxy series.