Robotic burger vending machine unveiled in New Jersey 16

Robotic burger vending machine unveiled in New Jersey

RoboBurger engineers call their technology the world's first burger vending machine

RoboBurger presented its first product – a fully automated hamburger station. The system consists of many moving mechanisms and manipulators that fry patties, combine ingredients and pack ready-made burgers. The first RoboBurger machine has already been installed in a Jersey City, NJ mall, and the developers promise to launch more stations at airports, colleges and other locations in the coming weeks.

RoboBurger engineers call their technology the world’s first burger vending machine and the “biggest innovation” in hot food vending since the invention of the microwave oven. In developing the vending machine, the startup sought to replicate all the key processes that take place in fast food chain kitchens and fit them into a compact form factor. As a result, RoboBurger has created a full-fledged kitchen on an area of ​​​​1.1 square meters. meter, which does not need a staff of cooks and waiters.

The autonomous machine replicates the five-step burger-making process used by leading chain restaurants. When a customer orders a meal, an automated frying pan starts grilling the patty, processes the buns, and pulls out additional ingredients — ketchup, mustard, and cheese. RoboBurger stores all food in the refrigerator, so it takes about six minutes to cook one burger, according to Engadget.

The machine is also equipped with a built-in cleaning system that complies with US National Sanitary Foundation standards. The station rinses all kitchen surfaces with hot water after each cooked burger, and regularly disinfects its own tools with sanitizers. These processes are monitored by machine learning algorithms, which, if necessary, can notify the remote operator about running out of products or cleaners.

Now the RoboBurger system works exclusively in offline mode – in order to receive their hamburger, the buyer must place an order on the touch screen, which is installed on the machine itself, and pay for it using Apple Pay, Google Pay or a bank card. But in the foreseeable future, the startup plans to create a mobile service that will allow RoboBurger customers to locate nearby vending machines on a map, place orders, and pay for their meals remotely. In this format, the startup plans to deploy robots throughout the United States in the next couple of years.