Ridley Scott will direct a movie about Ethereum

The film will be produced bу Scott Free Productions, founded bу the Ridleу brothers and Tonу Scott in 1970

Ridley Scott will direct a movie about Ethereum 16

Legendary director Ridley Scott wants to bring the story of Ethereum to the big screen. Through his production company Scott Free Productions, he will adapt Camilla Rousseau’s film “The Infinite Machine” into a film.

Rousseau revealed the news on his personal Twitter account while welcoming Scott to the project. In a decades-long, multi-award-winning career, Scott is best known for directing some of the great science fiction classics, including “Alien” and “Blade Runner .”

According to a Deadline publication, the film will be written and directed by Shiam Madiraju (Harami, 2020). In addition to Scott, the production will be directed by Tom Moran and Vera Mayer with Alejandro Miranda of Versus Entertainment, the publication said.

Rousseau said the following as the materialization of her book on the big screen went according to plan:

It’s incredibly exciting to have Ridley Scott and his team [to produce the film] with us. I can’t think of a better team to turn the exciting story of the people behind the most revolutionary technology on the Internet into a feature film that will captivate the hearts of our generation.

The film will be partially funded by the community treasury, through a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and traditional funding strategies. The intention of the project is clear from the very beginning: “to become a mainstream blockbuster “.

Infinite Machine DAO has released an NFT collection called Genesis to support the project. DAO himself is the executive producer of the film. Sales revenue will be divided into two phases. The first phase is the film’s budget, which is expected to be estimated at $ 16 million.

Sales of the NFT collection will be evenly distributed among the 36 artists involved, who will receive 22.5% of the budget. 10% will be sent to the community treasury to fund DAO, and 67.5% will be used for the film.

Promotion of Ethereum

In its second phase, the project will distribute 22.5% of NFT’s sales to artists, 25% to the core team and contributors to the collection, and 52.5% to the community. NFT holders can actively participate in the project as associate producers and will have a voice in future projects.

According to the film’s official ETH website:

Infinite Machine will be the first of many productions, content and artists that DAO will support. The organization will be a tool for the Etherium community to organize people and capital to continue funding funding for content creators and artists.

At the time of writing, the collection has reached over 100 Ethereum (ETH) in terms of trading volume on the popular OpenSea market. The film is expected to start shooting between Q3 2022 and Q1 next year with a potential premiere in 2023.