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Quest v40 Update: App Lock, Hearing Assistance, Payments, Keyboards, and End-to-End Encryption

Meta has released the fortieth version of the software with a lot of new and improved features

Quest has an anniversary. But it’s not about age. Meta has released the fortieth version of the software with a lot of new and improved features, which it boasted on the blog.

The main topics of the update, the company said are security and privacy. Users received the ability to block certain applications using a pattern, as when logging into a user account, as well as support for the 3D Secure payment system and the option of calls with end-to-end encryption in Messenger. Keyboard tracking has been updated with several new hardware models, while accessibility has been enhanced with a couple of sound solutions.

Application Lock

Locking glasses with a pattern, like on old smartphones, appeared back in 31 updates. This is an easy way to prevent unauthorized access to your data. The picture was blurred by the general nature of the decision: either all or nothing.

With v40, permissions can be refined. For example, a child can block adult apps and unblock fun and educational apps for kids. In the coming months, Meta promises to start implementing parental controls, and this is the first hint of this large-scale course.

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To launch each blocked program, you must enter the key by connecting the already familiar dots on a special screen. The instruction is here.

Secure payments in Wiara

The 3D Secure payment system has become much easier to use. Previously, authorization in the 3DS only worked in the Oculus app on a smartphone. Now you can make payments using bank cards in virtual reality. The only obstacle is that developers have to enable this option in each of their applications.

More keyboards

It’s been a year since Quest 2 introduced keyboard tracking for normal input in virtual reality. The Logitech K830 became the first sign then. In Update 37, the developers added the Apple Magic Keyboard. And now we have prepared support for the Apple Magic Keyboard with a number pad, Logitech K375s and Logitech MX Keys.

The list of supported devices is growing, so you’ll need an easier way to manage them. To do this, in the settings there is a new section “Manage saved keyboards”.

Sound for the hearing impaired

There are a couple of new options in the Accessibility menu in Settings that make the glasses more comfortable for people who are hard of hearing. Turning mono audio on will change the surround sound to the same for both speakers or headphones. Added to this is the ability to adjust the balance of the left and right audio channels. For example, if you hear better in your right ear, you can amplify the left channel to “center” the sound, or, conversely, amplify the right channel to better hear what is happening in virtual reality.

End-to-End Encryption for Messenger

In firmware 40, Meta is testing end-to-end encryption for Messenger messages and calls in face-to-face conversations. The company positions this not only as a step towards privacy, but also as an opportunity to be more open to conveying their thoughts and achieving mutual understanding.

The update has not yet arrived on editorial points, but it should be expected soon. You can check for updates in the settings: go to the “System” section and the “Software Update” tab.