Playboy introduces Metaverse, trademark files for name and logo 16

Playboy introduces Metaverse, trademark files for name and logo

Playboy Enterprises International, an American global media and lifestyle company, has applied for a trademark called “PLAYBOY” and its iconic rabbit logo. The app includes NFT, digital downloadable media such as digital assets, digital tokens, digital collectibles, digital art and blockchain-based virtual tokens.

  • Playboy Enterprises International is entering the metaworld.
  • USPTO Licensed Attorney for Trademarks Mike Condoudis has announced Playboy’s trademark applications.
  • Playboy CEO Ben Conn said that the head of the Playboy rabbit is really worth billions and “can not be reproduced.”

he company seeks to attract young people with a new twist on traditional methods, using ideas in the metaworld.

USPTO licensed trademark attorney Mike Condudis tweeted Playboy trademark applications.

Playboy CEO Ben Cohn told CNBC that the magazine is just one product of the company. “It was really a rabbit’s head worth billions and billions of dollars that can’t be reproduced.” Conn said that Playboy has 100% awareness: “When you think about what this brand represents, in terms of marketing, in terms of awareness, we are almost 100% informed worldwide.”

Playboy crashed as a result of the pandemic. Therefore, an online version of the magazine appeared.

In the same vein, Playboy enters the metaworld, releasing Rabbitars and 11,953 NFT of its bunny cartoons.

Since the emergence of the metaverse, several companies have begun to move into new space. For example, Walt Disney, Epic Games and Netmarble are three significant figures in this field. In addition, new metapoems have emerged, such as Decentraland and SANDBOX, which dominate the market.

Playboy is an American entertainment magazine about men’s lifestyle. It was founded in 1953 in Chicago by Hugh Hefner and co-workers. It is owned by PLBY Group, Inc.