Nreal AR glasses to hit UK stores by end of May 16

Nreal AR glasses to hit UK stores by end of May

Nreal Air is consumer-facing augmented reality glasses

Chinese startup Nreal, which develops augmented reality systems, is preparing to release its first gadget. According to CNBC, the Nreal Air AR glasses will go on sale in the UK through a partnership with local carrier EE. 

The device is equipped with microLED displays, as well as a set of applications that reproduce the functionality of a conventional smartphone. The developer does not disclose the exact release date, but claims that the first customers will be able to purchase glasses before the end of spring.

Nreal is a Chinese IT company founded in 2017 to promote and commercialize augmented reality technologies. Since then, the startup has created two headsets: Nreal Light and Nreal Air. The latter was announced at last year’s presentation and will soon go on sale to UK customers. Nreal is positioning the Air AR glasses as a flagship product that will push the consumer market towards a new generation of electronics. According to Nreal founder Peng Jin, the Air gadget “will launch a revolutionary transformation, as the Internet once did.”

“Augmented reality is superior to the current mobile experience, especially when it comes to watching videos, playing sports, playing PC games, and cloud video games,” Jin said.

Nreal Air is consumer-facing augmented reality glasses. The key feature of the gadget is the transparent glass screens Air, which are made using microOLED technology. The resolution of the display was not disclosed, but the company claims that viewing content on them is comparable to watching a movie on a 201-inch TV with FullHD resolution, which is six meters away from the user. The body of the gadget is plastic, and all the electronics are hidden in the arms.

At the same time, Nreal Air is not an independent device. The glasses are paired with a smartphone connected via USB Type-C. Thus, the engineers made the glasses easier – all calculations will be performed on the gadget. The main use cases for Nreal Air are watching movies, surfing the web and playing video games. In addition, Nreal Air will receive a mixed reality feature called “MR Space” – using this mode, users will be able to dock application windows in 3D space inside the glasses.

Nreal has yet to name the cost of its AR glasses, but says it wants to mainstream the device, so the Air will be cheaper than solutions from competing developers. Nreal Air is distributed by British operator EE, a subsidiary of BT. The telecom company will take over the supply chain and offer the glasses to potential customers at its retail outlets.