Nike releases virtual sneakers for users of the metaverse, but not for everyone 16
Photo: Nike

Nike releases virtual sneakers for users of the metaverse, but not for everyone

The sneaker was developed in collaboration with RTFKT Studio

The world-famous sportswear and footwear manufacturer Nike has announced the release of the Cryptokicks virtual sneakers, made for metaverse user avatars.

The sneakers come in eight different colorways to match the look and design of the metaverse avatars. The sneaker was developed in collaboration with RTFKT Studios, which Nike acquired specifically for the production of clothing and accessories for the virtual universe.

nike sneakers nft

But only owners of special Mnlth NFT tokens, which Nike sent out to individual users, will be able to receive the sneakers.

Which companies operate in the world of cryptocurrencies

RTFKT x Nike Dunk Genesis CryptoKicks are digital wearables that are designed specifically for use in the Metaverse. RTFKT unveiled them first in a Twitter teaser video showing how the look of the digital shoe can be modified with collectible “skin flasks” that can be swapped to create different styles.

The new one looks like this:

The first “boxes” of Nike’s CryptoKicks can be “opened” through RTFKT’s MNLTH NFT tokens, which were distributed for free in February 2022 to owners of valuable CloneX collections from the same RTFKT and other previous NFT series.

nike sneakers nft
Nike Cryptokicks

The recent announcement of the results of the Nike/RTFKT partnership comes after a series of quests and puzzles that collectors had to solve before launching a site from RTFKT that allows owners to open NFT storage. As reported by some owners on social media, the MNLTH vaults contain a pair of CryptoKicks, one vial of the skin, and a second MNLTH vault.

According to the official FAQ on the RTFKT Discord server, the company will launch a series of quests to unlock the second MNLTH 2 vault later this year. Each pair of CryptoKicks will also have an “evolution path” that will allow them to be developed and crossed in a certain way, which will only increase the value of NFTs.