New bike electrification battery fits in your pocket 16

New bike electrification battery fits in your pocket

 It's almost the size of a big smartphone, except it's thicker

While electric bikes are becoming more and more popular, many people continue to opt for cheaper and lighter pedal-powered bikes, and if necessary, use a conversion kit. The British company Swytch has already released one such kit, and now has updated the design of the battery.

Swytch first campaigned on Indigogo in 2017, then two years later the startup introduced a new, smaller power supply design. Today it is a company with 50 employees and has sold nearly 40,000 conversion kits, says New Atlas. And she recycled the battery again.

As before, the set consists of a 250 W front wheel motor in the size required by the customer; two-part pedal sensor; connecting element for the battery; and an updated Air power supply. It’s almost the size of a big smartphone, except it’s thicker, weighs 700 grams, and delivers enough power to last 15km. You can charge it in an hour.

For those who have to travel a lot around the city, Swytch offers a slightly more powerful battery weighing 1.1 kg, which should be enough for 30 km.

The new conversion kit will go on sale in May, the price will be announced later. But to be able to estimate – the current version of the kit costs about $1300. It will remain on sale until the middle of the year, after which it will be replaced by a new one.

California-based startup Bimotal has come up with an unusual kit for converting a conventional mountain bike to an electric one. It does not require changing the wheel, but is mounted on the rear disc brake.