McLaren launches NFT and its own InfiniteWorld metaverse 16

McLaren launches NFT and its own InfiniteWorld metaverse

MSO LAB will be home to exclusive, limited edition McLaren NFTs

McLaren Automotive has officially unveiled the “first chapter” of its ambitious metaverse strategy.

After the British luxury supercar manufacturer announced a partnership with Infinite Worlds in March, McLaren Automotive announced the launch of MSO LAB, a new exclusive digital community from McLaren’s own Special Operations (MSO) division.

According to a press release, MSO LAB will be home to exclusive, limited edition McLaren NFTs, with the first limited edition launching “soon.” With its launch, MSO LAB aims to provide the community with direct access to McLaren Automotive and its MSO teams, “using new, innovative ways to push the boundaries of access, ownership and experience.”

“I’m thrilled to finally be able to lift the lid on the MSO LAB digital community that we’ve created as a new way to connect with customers and fans in the Web3 universe.” McLaren Special Operations is McLaren Automotive’s own bespoke division, so it’s only fitting that MSO LAB be our home, where we collaborate across the metaverse and push the boundaries of capability and design without physical limits,” said Gareth Dunsmore, Chief Marketing Officer McLaren Automotive in a press release.

The first members of the MSO LAB community, the company says, will receive a never-before-seen digital sketch from the McLaren design team, a backstage virtual tour of the McLaren Technology Center and the opportunity to attend IRL McLaren Automotive events. 

Dunsmore also talked about MSO LAB’s Genesis NFT collection, an invite-only collection that has never been shown publicly. 

“Soon we will be presenting our first Genesis collection from MSO LAB, which will be released by invitation only and will represent one of the most iconic vehicles in our history,” he said.

Back in March, McLaren announced its partnership with metaverse platform InfiniteWorld to create and NFT mint its luxury supercars, which will also provide an exclusive experience for McLaren Automotive owners.