McDonald's, Starbucks and Walmart are switching to bitcoin 16

McDonald’s, Starbucks and Walmart are switching to bitcoin

With this move, Bitcoin will get a huge boost

Now we will pay with bitcoins, buying french fries at McDonald’s or coffee at Starbucks. This is because the Strike provider has integrated BTC into some of the largest payment systems – NCR, Blackhawk, and Shopify. Any platform that works with these operators will be able to accept crypto transactions through the Lightning Network.

Large retail chains are switching to bitcoin payments

This revolutionary news was announced by Strike CEO Jack Mullers at the Bitcoin 2022 conference. The businessman added that the goal of integration is to nullify the role of banks. The company will help sellers get rid of huge fees and give buyers more privacy.

“Any online merchant that works with Shopify will accept payment instantly, no intermediaries, no 3% commission.”

With this move, Bitcoin will get a huge boost. After all, about 400,000 sellers will connect to the Bitcoin Lightning Network. Among the largest are McDonald’s, Circle, Starbucks, Montana, Buffalo, Walmart, etc.

Crypto Twitter is ecstatic

Social networks are now buzzing with such massive news. And former Twitter CEO and bitcoin fan Jack Dorsey called Muller an “incredible source of inspiration .”

By the way, Starbucks has announced another crypto news: they are preparing special NFTs for coffee lovers.

Starbucks enters the NFT market

The Starbucks coffee shop chain is starting to explore the NFT market. They promise to present their project by the end of the year. Such news was announced by the interim director of the company Howard Schultz.

The businessman is confident that Starbucks has the best chance of success in this industry:

“I look at all these companies, brands, celebrities, athletes who are trying to create an NFT platform and tie their business to it. But none of these companies has the treasure trove of assets that Starbucks has. From collectibles to the entire legacy of the company.”

Later in a blog post, the company confirmed its plans and clarified that the project would be ready by the end of the year.

Challenging times for coffee and NFTs

The news of Starbucks’ plans comes at a time when the company is facing many challenges. This is the dissatisfaction of some employees, and price increases due to rising inflation, and problems in a key market in China.

But there is another side of the coin. Not every average European knows what NFT is. But there are many lovers of good coffee and fans of the unique atmosphere of the Starbucks network around the world. Coffee lovers will see with their own eyes what non-fungible tokens are. And they will find out that NFTs will not only help you taste delicious coffee, but will also give you a chance to earn money.