LG innovation: The world's first "elastic" display 16

LG innovation: The world’s first “elastic” display

LG showed a prototype display that can be stretched, folded and twisted. Diagonal – 12 inches, but can be stretched to 14.

The South Korean manufacturer of appliances and electronics LG introduced the world’s first “elastic” display – it can be “stretched, folded and twisted without damaging the device itself and without distorting the image.”

It is a pliable film plate made from a special type of silicon that is used for contact lenses. Feels like stretchy rubber and stretches up to 14 inches.

Diagonal – 12 inches, LED type – RGB. The pixel density is 100 per inch (ppi), the pixel pitch, or distance between the LEDs, is 40 micrometers. The screen resolution is not inferior to most monitors on the market, according to the company. And LED technology can withstand more than 10 thousand twists and stretches.

LG innovation: The world's first "elastic" display 17

LG believes that the display can be used on various curved surfaces – skin, clothes, furniture, cars, airplanes. 

Market participants interviewed by The Korea Economic Daily, meanwhile, note that the development marks the birth of a new generation of screens – it will replace the already sold foldable devices from Samsung and LG.