Lenovo glasses will create a personal virtual display anywhere 16

Lenovo glasses will create a personal virtual display anywhere

While major technology companies are developing their projects to create virtual universes, Lenovo decided to focus on augmented reality. The brand has announced the release of a new gadget capable of creating a large AR screen in any convenient place. The device itself was called Lenovo Glasses T1, somewhat reminiscent of the famous Google Glass.

Unlike the product of the “corporation of good”, the future novelty will allow you to view content from compatible devices and will be able to work anywhere. The essence of the idea is that people stop experiencing the inconvenience of small mobile phone displays and can receive the necessary data on a high-quality large screen. In this case, it will be visible only to the owner of the glasses. So you can comfortably watch a new episode of your favorite series on the train or complete in a cafe what you didn’t have time in the office.

Lenovo Glasses T1

The gadget, developed by engineers from a Chinese company, will receive two high-quality Micro OLED screens with Full HD resolution and a frame rate of 60 Hz. Declared support for Windows, Android and macOS, subject to the possibility of connecting via USB Type-C. 

As for the sound, it is known that there are built-in speakers, although it would be more logical to connect headphones. For power supply, a battery is provided, the capacity of which is enough for several hours of operation. Also, energy can be obtained from connected devices.

Miracle glasses will be released before the end of the year in China, and in 2023 they will appear in other markets of the world. The price of the novelty has not been announced.