Horizon Worlds will be able to trade content - with high taxes 16

Horizon Worlds will be able to trade content – with high taxes

Users will also be supported with money from a $10 million fund

As The verge reported, Meta is testing new earning features in Horizon Worlds, which is gradually appearing in different countries and may soon be released on mobile phones and even game consoles. A person gets new opportunities to monetize his creative potential, and the corporation collects a commission for transfers. There are various questions to this simple scheme of additional digitalization of life, but right now the question of the appetites of the platform owners has appeared on the surface.

According to Meaghan Fitzgerald, director of product marketing for Horizon, the idea is that creators can sell things and services, from access to the VIP section of their worlds to virtual items like avatar decorations and individual objects. Users will also be supported with money from a $10 million fund.

From purchases in Horizon, the company will take a share of 25%. This doesn’t seem like a scary number compared to the usual 30% in-app transaction fees on app stores. But the Horizon family is spreading through them. Therefore, hypothetically, 25% will be taken from the remaining 70% even in the native Quest Store. 

Mark Zuckerberg declared it a competitive and non-aggressive policy, although representatives of his company have repeatedly called the 30% rate from the Apple App Store too high. Fitzgerald further does not deny the possibility of introducing advertising.

Meta is also running a “targeted bonus program” to encourage creators to use its tools and create their own worlds. These bonuses will not be subject to commissions and will be paid out in full. Their size is largely determined by the interest of users in the content of the promoted author. At the same time, violators of the rules of conduct and content production on the platform will be excluded from the program.

We previously learned that Horizon Worlds and Venues had 300,000 monthly visits to VR during the first few months of availability, and a total of over 10,000 locations (worlds) created on the platform. Meta plans to release Worlds on mobile by the end of the year and is in “early talks” to launch on game consoles, a new market for its social services.