First promotional video for PlayStation VR2 released 16

First promotional video for PlayStation VR2 released

The Japanese showed the first promotional video of the PlayStation VR virtual reality glasses of the second generation. In a two-minute video, the authors focused on the new features of the gaming system. These are 4K displays, gaze tracking for control and foveal rendering, touchpads on controllers, adaptive triggers, forehead vibration and spatial audio. Strange looks only focus on 110 degrees of field of view, which can not be called advanced.

The strength of the glasses turned into their weakness. Sony Senior Vice President for PlayStation VR2 Experience Hideki Nishino said that the device will not be able to run projects with PS VR without appropriate refinement from the authors. This question is now out of the purview of Sony, although the company is trying to simplify the process.

Recall that PS VR2 will be released in early 2023. We already know many characteristics:

  • Age limit – 12 years old
  • Displays – Two 2000×2040 OLED OLED panels (4000×2040 total), 4K HDR, 120Hz
  • Optics – Fresnel lenses, 110 degrees diagonally, mechanical focus adjustment
  • Eye tracking – yes, used both to improve facial expressions of avatars and for foveal rendering
  • Tracking of position in space – integrated, based on four cameras on the body of the glasses, which also track the controllers
  • Haptic feedback in glasses – built-in vibration motor
  • Sound – spatial with dynamic adaptation to head movements
  • Connecting to the console – via a single cable to the USB port on the front panel of the PlayStation 5
  • Sense controllers – analog sticks and buttons, grip button, finger touch detection on the controller even without pressing, physical feedback, adaptive triggers that dynamically adjust the required pressure