First impressions on the Sony PlayStation 6 capabilities 16

First impressions on the Sony PlayStation 6 capabilities

PS6 is expected to go on sale in 2024-2025

Sony has decided to please everyone who loves video games, including exclusive projects created by its in-house gaming studios by actively developing its next-generation console in the form of PlayStation 6.

Although PS6 has not yet been presented to the public, it is guaranteed to happen soon, have no doubts about it. It is already known that a number of engineering samples are ready, with different features. 

Absolutely everyone will definitely be satisfied with the PS6, because it will provide incredibly high computing power at 35 – 40 teraflops. In practice, this means that it is about four times more powerful than the currently available PlayStation 5.

The Sony PlayStation 6 offers enough power to run games in 4K Ultra HD resolution at 120 frames per second or more, and this, in turn, will be enough for all those who prefer to play on monitors with a refresh rate of 120 Hz and above. One of the features of the new console is a built-in accelerator for ray tracing, due to which the quality of graphics in video games will be incredibly high without compromising overall performance. 

In addition, the novelty will be equipped with a solid state drive for 2-3 TB right from the start of sales, depending on the resulting cost in the console. 

Sony is going to make every effort to make its new gaming console as advanced as possible in all its features. The brand is implementing one innovation after another, hoping to make PS6 the best on the market. 

PlayStation 6 comes with a second-generation DualSense game controller equipped with additional buttons as well as a small OLED touch screen. This display can be used for text input, quick actions, and additional video game features depending on the specific video game. 

PS6 is expected to go on sale in 2024-2025, but Sony is already actively testing it. It is planned to gradually reduce the size of the console, make the cooling system more efficient,