Elden Ring: an unusual Pacifist walkthrough and a Will Smith invader parody 16

Elden Ring: an unusual Pacifist walkthrough and a Will Smith invader parody

Elden Ring has now its own Will Smith

YouTuber Iron Pineapple went through Elden Ring, playing a pacifist. For all the time, the gamer did not hit a single enemy – mostly they were killed by summoned spirits and partners.

In order for the spirits to live as long as possible, the blogger played as a preacher class: he has the most faith points, which allows him to heal his allies more efficiently. Thus, for example, he killed Magritte and Godric.

However, sometimes he had to resort to different tricks. In the case of Radan, the blogger lured the boss onto a rock from which he fell to his death.

Elden Ring has its own Will Smith

A player who is a parody of Will Smith has appeared in Elden Ring. One of the redditors shared a video in which a player invaded his world, who slowly approached him, gave him a slap and just as slowly left. 

There is no doubt that the intruder is a parody of Will, and this is clear from his nickname. Below you can take a look at what happened.

A couple more people also reported similar incidents in the comments, and therefore it becomes clear that the person has somehow found worthy entertainment for himself and he couldn’t care less about Melina’s accords.

The funny thing is that no one tried to catch up with the “offender” and fight back. Perhaps people were so stunned by the strange act that they were in disarray for a few more minutes. Or, on the contrary, they quickly realized what was happening and decided to “play along”.