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Are you ready for the new world?

We have just begun to get used to crypto, but a new universe of opportunities is opening up. More specifically, the metaverse.

Metaverse platforms create an interactive version of the Internet where users can play games, explore virtual worlds, and even do business.

Facebook popularized the term ” Metaverse” by renaming it “Meta”, and indicated its intent to create an immersive virtual world where people can “get together with friends and family, work, study, play, shop, create…”

Is the world starting to go crazy or is it just a new world? It’s up to us to decide, but, apparently, the metaverse is for a long time.

Covid, lockdowns, remote work, reduced social activity will stimulate people’s attention to flow into virtual worlds.

Virtual parties, dates, work, business, investments. This is just the beginning.

Total immersion is the key and, as you can see, we are already encroaching on this territory.

As our lives become more digital, so are the things that can assist us in this new world that we are prepared to invest in.

What will happen when you can practically live in virtual reality? And when will you experience the same sensations in the virtual world as in the real one? It sounds scary, but this is already a trend that can only be stopped by a catastrophe or a global war, although this will be another scenario for our future.

Live your Myth in this new surreal world, an alternative utopia building faster than you’d like.

Ready Player One isn’t as fantastical as you may think, not anymore. Bid for it…

Bid for your Myth